Having a site is a tad bit more complicated than just having a domain and uploading files for it on a web server. The hosting service also includes things such as domain records, databases, e mail addresses, stats, FTP access, and so on. Though they may not be the first thing which comes to mind when you mention the word “website”, they are an integral part of any site and none of them can be skipped. If you want to start and keep a profitable online presence, you will need an easy way to take care of these things, specifically if you aren't very qualified. In addition to the ease of use, it's also important to have full control over your domain addresses and the hosting service related to them.
Website Manager in Web Hosting
Our web hosting include a potent Website Manager tool where you can access everything related to your presence online fast and easy. The tool is an element of our custom made Hepsia CP and features a really intuitive interface, so you shall not have any problems even if you're building your very first website and you've never had a web hosting account before. You will find a list of all the domain addresses hosted inside your account and by clicking on any of them, you'll see a number of quick-access buttons for pretty much everything. With just a number of clicks, you will be able to view and modify the WHOIS details if the domain name is registered through us, to access the website files for it, to create a new database or to install a script-driven app. You may also create a new FTP account, look at website visitor stats, and more. All these options are available conveniently in one place.
Website Manager in Semi-dedicated Servers
If you have a semi-dedicated server account with our company, we shall give you a powerful tool with which you can handle every aspect of your online presence - our Website Manager. If you're an advanced user, you'll appreciate the amount of time the tool will save you, while if you are a novice, you'll enjoy a user-friendly interface that'll enable you to do anything in a number of easy steps. You'll be able to change DNS records, to set up an app with our 1-click script installer, to check visitor statistics, to set up a new e mail address, a database or an FTP account via quick-access buttons for every single domain name hosted within the account. The Website Manager tool will give you the easiness and the control that you need to sustain a profitable presence on the Internet.