The does–it–all Domain Name Manager solution, designed inside of the Control Panel can undoubtedly do everything. It enables you to deal with numerous domain names conveniently, from the very same place you maintain your web sites and billing. And it also helps you to instantly switch from one to the other one without dropping any alterations.

Multiple Domain Name Management

Handle all of your domains from one location

The Topmark Services Domain Name Manager possesses a straightforward interface from which you can handle all of your domain names and web sites with merely a click. You can find a variety of domain name settings like – the option to manage WHOIS, alter name servers, specify custom DNS records, lock/unlock domain name, etc., attainable. Additional domain controls include infinite parked domain names, URL redirection, Domain WHOIS Privacy Protection, etc.

When you have quite a few domain names, you can use the ’bulk domain’ option to register, transfer or renew multiple domain names at the same time. A number of the edit domain name alternatives are additionally useful for many different domain names at one go.

Hepsia File Manager

DNS Records

Maintain your DNS records with simply a click of the mouse

The DNS management user interface of the Control Panel provides a choice to set and edit all kinds of DNS records for any domains you have registered or moved to your account. These records contain A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, SRV and TXT records. When you have modified a DNS record nevertheless need to recreate the initial values, that can be done with only a click of the mouse on the Revert button.

Utilizing the DNS Manager, you might also register name servers that are in line with your domain name, for example: dns1.your– and dns2.your– This should help you make your brand a lot more well known to your clients!

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Domain Parking

Park all your domains within just 1 step

Domain Parking is an excellent service which can be used to obtain eye–catching domains and put them on the internet without needing to have websites. You can certainly park as numerous domain names as you want from the Domain Name Manager of your Control Panel. Parking a domain name will make it show an ’Under Construction’ page, a "for sale" webpage, as well as point the domain name completely to another web site.

And when you’ve got your website prepared, you can easily host back your domain name with just a single mouse click! Your newly submitted web site will get online straight away.

Hepsia File Manager

Domain Redirection

Prompt domain name re–direction

It’s easy to forward a domain name to a different web address because of the point and click capability in the Topmark Services Domain Name Manager. You can easily make redirections to both domains hosted within your web hosting account and domains on external machines. With simply a mouse click, you will be able to pick out the domain name that you would like to divert and then stipulate the address of the host that you want it to lead to. To reverse a redirection, click on the ’Host Domain’ button and our platform will rapidly forward the domain back to your web hosting account.

You may need domain name redirection to forward two or three domain names to one site. By way of example, if own a brand name (your–, you’re able to point just about all common domain extensions towards your primary web site (your–, your–, your–, your–, etc.) to guarantee that no person takes the domain and ’steals’ your web visitors.

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Whois Privacy Protection

Guard your sensitive information

Your personal domain name registration details are publicly published by law. Fortunately, there’s a option to prevent it from showing online with the help of Domain WHOIS Privacy Protection! Using this solution, your personal WHOIS details will never present on the internet if someone else performs a WHOIS lookup for your domain name.

Then again, when someone truly must make contact with you concerning your domain name, they can make use of the email mentioned in the WHOIS information and we’ll forward it to you immediately.

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SSL Certificates

A needs to have for each e–shop

Should you have a online store that will take online payments or if you possess a customer login spot on your web site, you should think of installing an SSL Certificate on it. It’s an instant way to secure the connection involving the website and your site visitors, in order that the details transported just like debit card data as well as membership data remains safe and secure. From our Domain Name Manager, you can quickly get a fresh SSL certificate for your personal web site.

An SSL certificate can be used just for one web site. If you’d like an SSL certificate for many web sites, you could take benefit of a Wildcard SSL certificate.

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